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Songstress with a mission and simply known as SSUE

One of the finest young Ghanaian talents, an amazing songstress with a mission and simply known as SSUE.  As an author, SSUE composes amazingly well, an artist with a real message, a bonus at that.
SSUE is totally in tune with herself, which strengthens her conviction as songstress on a MISSION…She believes in hard work and that every artist must psyche themselves to that fact.

Her unwavering devotion, and dedication to work time is her hallmark and certainly a requite to stardom.

Her attention to detail with her vocals is evident in her being comfortable with her tone thereby calming stress and exhibiting stage confidence.  A many useful reasons why she is a wonderful artist who has emerged into the soulful singer that she is.

SSUE is edgy and trendy, level headed and knows what she’s singing about. Her willingness to adhere to direction, instruction and guidance makes working with her a real pleasure.

SSUE’s warm personality brings out the best in all.

Her talents are only surpassed by her perseverance and drive.

She  loves and respects so much especially those in the entertainment industry involved in developing her career without whom her fans will be left in the cold.

By Grace Mensah