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School of Rock opens first campus in Africa

The world-renowned music school brand, School of Rock, opened its first school in Africa on Saturday 9 May in Cape Town, South Africa.

Spearheaded by Keith Taeuber and his sister Leigh Spaun and three years in the making, the new School of Rock, situated in the suburb of Claremont, offers an assortment of exciting musical classes for beginners to seasoned music lovers of all ages – anyone keen on releasing their inner rock star.

This unique school offers performance-based programmes that incorporate private lessons with a group rehearsal element. School of Rock teaches guitar, bass, keys, vocals, brass and drums using their philosophy that the stage is the greatest teacher. Students have the opportunity to play the songs they love, work with incredible instructors, and be part of a community of musicians that support each other’s creativity. Together they will develop teamwork and leadership skills while playing live shows on stage.  And with locations all around the world, they will be connected to a global network of artists, teachers, friends and fans that share their love of Rock & Roll.

For more than a decade, School of Rock has been inspiring the World to Rock on Stage and in Life. Founded as a single school in Philadelphia, USA in 1998, School of Rock has become a growing international franchise and currently has 154 schools in total located in the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Philippines and now South Africa. To date, School of Rock students have played thousands of concerts to more than 100 000 people, at some of the best venues and biggest music festivals around the world.

Managing Director of the Cape Town branch, Keith Taeuber said he looks forward to the exciting times ahead: “For me, life is about giving back and inspiring others to believe in themselves and be the best that they can be. It is very clear to us that the School of Rock brand and what it offers has a unique and indescribable effect on everyone concerned. It is truly inspiring and motivating. In my opinion, as a musician, School of Rock offers the best all round rock music education I have ever experienced. I wish School of Rock was around when I was learning music!”

Marketing Director Leigh Spaun added: “I saw an incredible business opportunity in School of Rock, a market that is untapped in terms of accessible and fun music education and a growing national music industry that presents amazing talent. School of Rock will not only expose and identify new talent in the South African music industry but will create a generation of music-loving children, who will realise the value of music and who will most likely learn their skill through the coolest and most well thought out music education programme there is – School of Rock!”