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Reggie Rockstone and Sarkodie.

Reggie Rockstone defends Sarkodie over US concert controversy

Reggie Rockstone, one of Ghana’s most beloved artists, has spoken against claims that rapper Sarkodie’s concert held at the Apollo Theatre in the US was not ‘history in the making’.

The claim had come from Quophi Okyeame who wrote on Facebook: ‘Akyeame was the first hiplife duo to play at the Apollo Theatre to a mix crowd so huge the police came to stop the show. This was in 2000 with Daddy Lumba.’

He concluded with: ‘Which history is in the making?’

Rockstone was none too pleased with Okyeame’s statement, saying on radio: ‘Some things are not important to say and even if you want to say, the timing makes you look bad. It even makes it look like you are jealous. This is Sarkodie’s time, your time came and it’s gone. So what are you going to gain from coming out to say this?’

The artist popularly referred to as the godfather of hiplife continued: ‘First of all, Sarkodie never said he is the only one making history. Now another thing Quophie is not telling the people is that Lumba was the headline act for that show not you. Lumba was a bigger artiste and you were the opening acts. Sarkodie is not an opening act but the headliner.’

Meanwhile, producer and critic Mark Okraku-Mantey has joined the fray, accusing Sarkodie fans of lionising the rapper.

‘I pity all those people saying negative things about Okyeame Quophi,’ he said. ‘What did he say wrong? He just wanted to set the record straight.’

So far Sarkodie and his team have been silent on the accusations trailing the US concert.