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Black Soul

Positive Black Soul are back!

Pioneering Senegalese hip-hop duo Positive Black Soul are back with a new album to mark 25 years in the music business.

A collaboration between Didier Awadi and Amadou Barry (aka Doug E. Tee orDuggy Tee), PBS formed in 1989. They burst onto the scene with the outspoken political lyrics, mainly in Wolof, their innovative use of traditional Senegalese instruments such as the kora and balafon, and the wildly popular live performances. In 1992 after a memorable performance at the Dakar French Cultural Center’s music festival, Dakar 92: Mbalax, Jazz, and Rap, the group was invited to open for touring French rapper MC Solaar in October. Solaar was so impressed that he invited them to return France. Numerous international performances followed, including a European tour in 1993, and some 130 shows in Europe and North American in 1997. Together the duo helped put African hip-hop on the world map.

Their albums include ‘Salaam’ (1995), ‘New York-Paris-Dakar’ (1997), ‘Revolution’ (2000) and ‘Run Cool’ (2001). Since around 2002, the group’s members have been pursuing solo projects. In August 2009, PBS performed in Dakar for their 20th anniversary, alongside guests such as Youssou Ndour and Ismael Lo.

Now, to mark 25 years, the group have announced a new album, ’25 Years’, due out on 13 December. The first single ‘Back Again’ is due to be released on 10 December.