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One Of The Malinke’s Famous African Drummers

Performances of African drummers like Bolokada Conde suddenly let you realize how complex djembe rhythms really are. At first, they may even seem chaotic to an untrained ear. But as you familiarize yourself with these foreign sounds, they evolve into veritable rhythmic poetry!

Bolokada has made a name for himself by mastering the traditional rhythms of the Malinke ethnic group and by showcasing them to the rest of the world.

Bolokada Conde Malinke Djembe Drummer

The mastery in itself is no small achievement: The Malinke use several different percussion instruments that play separate beats and blend into one rhythm.

Each rhythm has a different history, origin and use. Some pieces may be played at weddings, while others may be for war dances or welcoming young boys into manhood.

Bolokada was recognized as a prodigy at a very young age and became a sensation in the Sankaran region of Guinea, West Africa. He was given the title of master folklorist and was sought out to play the djembe at all the major village celebrations in his area.