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May 2015 theme: Opportunities

Our theme for this month (May) is Opportunities. One of Music In Africa’s main goals is to help spread awareness of the various opportunities that are out there for African musicians and music lovers. These take many forms: workshops and conferences, awards, festival performances, talent search competitions, touring and funding opportunities, scholarships, artist residencies and exchange programmes. Information is key: if you don’t know about these opportunities, you can’t take advantage of them!

In our magazine section we strive to share any relevant calls for applications for such opportunities (and their deadlines!), as well as news about those who are already making use of such opportunities. And for regular music fans, we also share any interesting opportunities that you can benefit from, such as our recent ticket giveaways for the upcoming festivals Azgo in Mozambique and Bushfire in Swaziland.

We have commissioned numerous overview texts on the subject – either specifically on the opportunities available to musicians in a certain country, or more general tips from experienced experts on how to make a living as a musician. So far we have published texts from countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, DRC, Cameroon and South Africa, with many more similar overviews to come in the next few months from other countries, including Gambia, Namibia, Mali, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Malawi and Madagascar, among others.

Elsewhere on the site, our rapidly expanding directory of organisations, networks and associations provides one with further details of exactly who is operating in the sector – including funding and development institutions – and allows you to connect with them directly.