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Chapa Kazi studio to the rescue of Tanzanian Hip-hop

Chapakazi Studio in Mbeya region of Tanzania is on a mission to support hip-hop music in Tanzania. According to the studio’s chief producer, Adili Mkwera, the decision was arrived at because hip-hop music is not well promoted by the media.

He said the studio will support the production of various videos and that they are also in the process of launching a TV show called ‘Okoa Hip-hop.’

“The programme will show works of Hip-hop artists like videos, music and T-shirts,” he said, urging the National Arts Council (BASATA) to promote music because it is a source of income for many youth. He advised the government to give Hip-hop music priority.

Chapa Kazi has produced videos such as Ray C’s ‘Kwa Ajili Yako’ and Jay Moe’s ‘Jipange.’ Besides being Chapakazi’s chief producer, Adili is also a rapper going by the name Hisabati.