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Call for researchers/music journalists

Pan-African music portal, Music In Africa (, seeks experienced researchers and music journalists to write overviews of the music scenes of the following African countries: Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, Ghana, Mali, Gambia, Congo (Brazzaville) and Madagascar.

Successful candidates will be required to research and write no more than three overview articles ranging between 900 and 1200 words. The overview texts should provide factual insight into various aspects of the local music industries. Authors are expected to use clear, simple language and frame topics in a way that anyone can be able to understand, while avoiding their own personal opinions. A detailed style guide will be provided and texts are expected to conform to these guidelines.

Topic examples

Topics are not fixed but they generally aim to provide:

  • An overview of a country’s music life
  • An overview of specific music genres in a country (eg. local genres, popular, classical, gospel, traditional)
  • An overview of opportunities available for music operators in a country (eg. funding, training, performing opportunities, etc)
  • An overview of indigenous instruments in a country
  • An overview of the recording scenes (recording labels, how royalties are collected, publishers, etc)
  • An overview of music education and available structures in a country
  • An overview of the live music scenes

Applicants must be well-versed in these areas, ideally having written on similar topics in the past. Successful candidates will be given a topic and will be required to submit a short proposal on how they would treat the topic.


  • At least 5 years’ writing experience
  • Flawless writing skills (English or French)
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Exceptional music knowledge
  • Desire to contribute to the local music industry


Writers will be remunerated at an agreed rate once the text has been submitted to the editors’ satisfaction and according to the specifications provided.


If you are interested, send your CV to David Durbach at before or on 27 March 2015. Your application must include the following:

  • Short motivation
  • The country you wish to cover
  • At least three music-related articles you have recently written (links are acceptable)

For more information about Music In Africa, go to