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Ade Bantu

Ade Bantu, Awadi and others unite for ‘Right to Live’

Nigerian performer Ade Bantu, host of the popular Lagos concert, Afropolitan Vibes, has joined 11 other musicians to sing against injustice and extremism in Africa. The song, Right to Live, was recorded in Burkina Faso’s Abazon recording studio and remixed in Senegals’s Sankara Studios.

‘From Nigeria which is currently trying to tackle Boko Haram,’ a statement by the group reads, ‘to Northern Mali now at the mercy of jihadists, without living out hostage-takings within the population by power-hungry leaders, Human Rights continue to be disregarded with impunity without anyone lifting a finger. This is one of the reasons why these committed artists, led by Didier Awadi, came together.’

The collaboration sees 12 singers from eight African countries come together to say, ‘We decry injustice, poverty, violence and extremism. Let’s all rise and say: this must end now.’

On the song with Ade Bantu are Burkina Faso’s Alif Naaba, Sissoko, and Smockey; Senegal’s Didier Awadi; Côte d’Ivoire’s Josey Priscille, Soum Bill and Maréchal Zongo; Mali’s Master Soum; Mauritania’s Monza; Niger’s Phéno Bi; and Benin Republics’s Zeynab Abib.

‘There is a war going on,’ Ade Bantu told Music in Africa. ‘Our daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers are being massacred, bombed and raped. We artists have no choice but to stand up and sing out as loud as we can.’

The continent spanning super-group is called the Ambassadors of Freedom of Expression. And the band put together by Artwatch Africa.